All the Car Buying tips you need.

From start to finish, the process of buying a brand new car will no longer be such a struggle with these detailed steps...

The fear of buying the wrong car from the wrong dealer at the wrong price is always in the back of our minds when we make that final decision to part ways with our current trusty companion. The time always comes around when things start to look a bit tired, outdated and you can deny it no longer, it is time for a change...but where do you start?

We have compiled a list of helpful tips to aid you in your buying experience.

​First, sit down with a pen and paper then list and understand your requirements. Try and think what it is you liked about your current car, why did you buy it? Maybe there is something in your old car that you would like in your new one. Do you need a small hatchback, a people carrier, commuting car or something a bit fancy? Even decide down to the smaller details like petrol or diesel, three or five door, how many seats? And those little extra's can be just as important, such as having an infotainment system or parking sensors.

Next, work out your budget and take everything into consideration! It is always a good idea to work out what is affordable to you and how much is too much. Look at how much you spend on fuel, your insurance costs, road fund license, price of tyres and annual servicing costs. This will reduce the risk of making any major wrong decisions that will leave you struggling.

Now you can start to research your new car based on the budget you have in mind...

When searching online, keep to a distance you are willing to travel and is accessible while also having an open mind. Put in your budget, desired fuel type and size of car and just see what comes up. There may be something you wouldn't have normally considered!

Once you have a shortlist of cars you have seen that tick all your boxes it is time to do some more in depth research. Online reviews are an excellent source to help you find out if there are any known issues/ possible common problems to look out for and gives an insight into what you can expect from each. This will then enable you to make a more educated decision as to what you are after.

Then its back to the costs, research the prices related to running the car as you most likely did before purchasing your current car, look in to;

  • Fuel costs/ MPG
  • Insurance
  • Road fund license
  • Annual servicing costs
  • Tyre costs

Purchasing a new car is the second biggest purchase commitment you are ever likely to make, after purchasing a house, so you want to know you'll be getting value for money.

Remember: Price is always a good indicator, if the price looks too good to be true then it probably is.

Make sure you go to a reputable dealer, a company that takes care in how they present a car online is a good indicator to how the car will be presented in person. Look for someone who is willing to give you all the information you need prior to your visit. They should have a wide choice of cars available and you can also have a look at what they have to offer in regards to warranty and preparation of their cars. In our case we present you everything you need to know about a particular car whether it’s a new or used vehicle. You can find out about Snows Motor Group to see what makes us a respectable, trustworthy company where we take pride in our vehicle ownership and customer service.

Now you have shortlisted the cars and dealerships you are going to visit, what else should you do?

If you are part exchanging your car make sure it's clean, after all, the dealership will technically be buying your car from you.

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork with you; Vehicle registration document/ V5/ Logbook, any service history you may have including the book and receipts and MOT certificate. It is always worth taking your list of requirements with you as well so that you can check them off as you look at each car so that you know you are buying the best car for you. Make sure you check for extra specification too as this may not always be listed in the advert. It is the customers responsibility to check that the car they are buying is right for them.

If you require finance for your next vehicle purchase be sure to take both parts of your driving license with you, your passport and a utility bill providing proof of address as this will speed up the process and save you having to drive back later.

Follow these useful tips and you will experience a smooth and successful car purchasing with no unexpected stress or hassle.

Nothing beats that new car smell in a vehicle that you know is perfect for you.

Snows Group has 33 dealerships across the South of England, stretching from Plymouth to Guildford, and including the Isle of Wight. The Group prides itself on its reputation and dedication to delivering excellent customer service, and is rewarded by the fact that over half of its business comes from returning customers. With Snows Group, driving becomes an experience, rather than a chore.

Author: Sophie Taylor

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Posted on 15/03/2017