All the car buying steps you need to know.

From start to finish, the process of buying a brand new car will no longer be such a worry with this basic guide on what to look out for in just 10 simple steps...

1. List and understand your requirements. Really think about the car that you are looking for. Maybe there is something in your old car that you would like in your new one. Do you need a small hatchback, a people carrier, commuting car or something a bit fancy? Even decide down to the smaller details like petrol or diesel, three or five door, how many seats? 

2. Work out your budget. Take everything into consideration! Look at how much you spend on fuel, your insurance costs, road fund license, price of tyres and annual servicing costs so that you have a good idea on what is affordable for you. You can also get pre-approved for a car loan so that you have an idea of how much you can afford and an interest rate that you can then compare to the dealership financing.

3. Research. 97% of new car buyers conduct online research before visiting dealerships. When searching online, make sure to keep an open mind. Put in your budget, desired fuel type and size of car into a search engine and just see what comes up. Then you can make a shortlist of all the cars that tick all your boxes. Buying a new car is one of the biggest expenditures you can make, so it has to be right.

6. Find a dealership. It is best to keep to a distance you are willing to travel and is accessible to you. Make sure you go to a reputable dealer and a company that takes good care in how they present a car online, as this is a good indicator to how the car will be presented in person.

Also look for someone who is willing to give you all the information you need prior to your visit. Having that element of trust and reassurance is important when buying a new car.

5. Check quality ratings.There are many aspects to running a car that can be reviewed. New car quality ratings are made up a range of assessments, such as customer satisfaction/ dissatisfaction, dependability, fuel economy, safety ratings, features etc. Checking the quality ratings will give you a completely official overview of the vehicle, so that you are aware of what it is like on the road and there are no surprises later on.

4.Compare prices. Work with your budget that you've set yourself and start to compare all the different the prices related to running your new car. This includes fuel costs/ MPG, insurance, road fund license, annual servicing costs, tyre costs etc.

Running a new car can work out much more affordable than a second hand model, as you can find great money-saving offers on latest models, they are also considered more reliable and will require less maintenance early on.

7.Compare reviews. Online reviews are an excellent source to help you find out if there are any known issues/ possible common problems to look out for, giving you an insight into what you can expect. This can apply to both the car that you are thinking of purchasing and also the reviews of the dealership that you are considering using.

8. Book a test drive. Booking a test drive in the car you are interested in is one of the best ways to make that final decision and know for definite if it is the vehicle for you. This is the chance to experience the car for yourself and test the handling, size, performance and comfort of the vehicle, giving you that gut instinct whether this is definitely the new car for you.

9.Get a sale price.Once you have decided on the perfect model, you can then get a quote on the car by contacting your chosen dealership through a phone call, email, online enquiry form or by visiting the dealership in person. There are also a wide range of offers and discounts available on latest models at Snows Group that you may want to take advantage of.

10.Close the deal. If the price, financing and fees look right, it's time to say yes to the deal. Most people tend to wrap up the sale at the dealership. Once you've agreed on a price, you will be able to sign the contract and purchase any of the additional products available. Whether you take delivery of your car at the dealership or at your home, it should be clean and the gas tank should be full. Make sure to give the car a final walkaround, checking for any dents or scratches that might have occurred during transport.

Next step...enjoy your new set of wheels!