Part exchanging for a newer model? Here's what you need to know

The time always comes around when things start to look a bit tired, outdated and you can deny it no longer, it is time for a change...but where do you start?

Snows Group have compiled a guide of useful information to aid you with your part exchange:

If the price is right...

When you are trading your current car for part exchange at the dealership, the dealer will work out how much they should pay for your car (the trade price) and how much they’ll be able to sell it for (the retail price).

The price that you are given will be determined by four factors: the age of your car, the mileage of your car, the condition of your car and finally any specifications that have been made.

If you have basic information about the valuation of your vehicle before you start the exchange, this will help you judge if the dealers opening offer is accurate or suitable for your current car.

Get the best value

Always make sure you get the best value possible for your car prior to going into the garage with your part exchange. Keep your vehicle clean, looked after and in good condition and this will communicate to the dealer that this car is worth something, after all they are technically buying your car from you. This also means paying attention under the bonnet and making sure every component is working efficiently and looking smart.

If you manage to touch up any imperfections, scuffs or dents in the best way possible, this will also make a considerable difference to the value you receive. Also keep in mind if your car has had any kind of paint and/ or interior protection, be sure to mention this as it will likely add to the value.

Be ahead of the game

  • Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork with you; Vehicle registration document/ V5/ Logbook, any service history you may have including the book and receipts and MOT certificate.
  • It is always worth taking your list of requirements with you as well so that you can check them off as you look at each new car, this way you know that you are buying the ideal car in exchange for your old reliable.
  • Make sure you check for extra specification too as this may not always be listed in the advert. It is the customers responsibility to check that the car they are buying is right for them.
  • If you require finance for your next vehicle purchase be sure to take both parts of your driving license with you, your passport and a utility bill providing proof of address as this will speed up the process and save you having to drive back later.