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Lexus Demonstrator Clearance in Exeter, Hedge End & Plymouth

We have demonstrator models at greatly reduced prices. See how much you could save with our nearly new demonstrator clearance! From CT to the RX, there are massive savings across the range whilst stocks last! So don't delay call us today to book a test drive!

IS300h AdvanceWA17VBL£34,885£26,660£8,225Exeter
RX450h Luxury Pan RoofWA17 UZO£54,245£44,499£9,746Exeter
IS300h ExecutiveWG17DKV£31,505£27,999£3,506Exeter
RC300h F-Sport Premium NavigationWD17 UVV£42,715£38,999£3,716Exeter
CT200h AdvanceWD17 LZB£25,955£21,960£3,995Exeter
CT200h Sport Plus Pack, Protection PackWD17 EBK£27,205£25,499£1,706Exeter
CT200h AdvanceWF17 BFK£26,565£19,999£6,566Exeter
CT200h Sport Plus Pack, Protection PackWG17 DLF£27,205£23,999£3,206Exeter
CT200h AdvanceWG17DLE£25,955£21,999£3,956Exeter
CT200h Executive EditionWA67 VWF£24,965£21,558£3,407Exeter
CT200h F-SportWA67 VWH£28,640£24,073£4,567Exeter
CT200h AdvanceWJ67 VJO£26,215£22,683£3,532Exeter
CT200h AdvanceWJ67 VJN£25,605£22,134£3,471Exeter
NX300h LuxuryWF67 CKA£38,235£36,460£1,775Exeter

CT200h F-Sport Premium Navigation LeatherHK66 ETF£30,155£22,950£6,205Hedge End
CT200h F-Sport Premium Navigation LeatherHK66 GOP£30,155£24,450£4,705Hedge End
CT200h Sport Plus Pack, Protection PackHN17 HFX£27,095£23,450£3,645Hedge End
CT200h Sport Plus Pack, Protection PackHV17 DRO£27,095£23,950£3,145Hedge End
CT200h Premier SunroofHN17 HFY£31,705£26,950£4,755Hedge End
IS300h SportHN66 RDU£31,140£22,450£7,190Hedge End
IS300h Sport Protection Pack - Pre-Registered - Delivery Miles OnlyHV17 WWJ£31,140£24,750£6,390Hedge End
IS300h ExecutiveHN66 VNX£31,505£22,450£9,055Hedge End
IS300h Executive Protection PackHN17 LTO£31,505£25,950£5,555Hedge End
IS300h Advance Protection PackHK66 MWE£34,755£25,950£8,805Hedge End
IS300h F-Sport Premier PackHT66 KUS£42,195£34,450£7,745Hedge End
IS300h F-Sport Premium Navigation , Leather & Protection PackHY17 SOH£40,550£33,950£6,600Hedge End
GS300h Executive Protection PackHV17 BZB£36,855£30,450£6,405Hedge End
RX450h F-Sport Panoramic RoofHN17 BBE£56,385£48,950£7,435Hedge End
RC300h F-Sport Premium NavigationHK66 ZUD£41,115£31,450£9,665Hedge End
RX450h Luxury Pan Roof Protection PackHK17 USS£54,035£46,950£7,085Hedge End
NX300h F-Sport Premium Nav Pan RoofHK17 PSX£42,485£38,950£3,535Hedge End
NX300h SportHK17 PSO£34,790£32,450£2,340Hedge End
RC300h F-Sport Premium NavigationHN17 XLL£42,715£34,950£7,765Hedge End
RC300h F-Sport Premium NavigationHK17 PSY£42,715£36,950£5,765Hedge End

CT200h F Sport Leather, Premium Navigation WG17CVC £30,765 £22,495 £8,270 Plymouth
CT200h F Sport Leather, Premium Navigation WG17CTY £30,765 £22,995 £7,770 Plymouth
IS300h Advance WA66WZB £34,755 £24,995 £9,760 Plymouth
IS300h Premier WG17CTZ £40,485 £30,495 £9,990 Plymouth
RC300h F Sport Premium Navigation WF17OJH £42,715 £32,995 £9,720 Plymouth
CT 200h Premier WD17MWL £30,615 £25,695 £4,920 Plymouth
CT200h Advance WF67FKJ £26,825.00 £22,469.00 £4,356.00 Plymouth
CT200h Executive Edition WF67FKH £24,965.00 £20,795.00 £4,170.00 Plymouth
CT200h Sport WJ67VFE £24,965.00 £20,795.00 £4,170.00 Plymouth

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