Lotus Hedge End

Welcome to Snows Lotus

Snows Lotus located in Hedge End, Hampshire & Plymouth, Devon

Lotus Hedge End is one of Snows Motor Groups most exciting dealerships, showcasing the innovative, featherweight and eye-catching Lotus cars. Lotuses are single-minded sports cars, focused on driving thrills - heart defibrillation with a steering wheel, they make you feel alive.

Lotus is the industry benchmark for ride and handling. These cars are telepathic to a driver's touch. To paraphrase Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, they corner like they're on rails. They are agile, uncompromising, simple yet technologically prodigious. The design, materials and manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art, the engineering visionary, and they are hand-built in England by passionate artisans obsessed with performance, refinement and dynamic excellence. For 60-years Lotus has been one of Britain's most iconic achievements, they are elegant, modern, athletic, but with a rebellious streak that makes them stand out from the crowd.

This uncompromising quest for excellence, no shortage of sporting laurels, and a visionary attention to aesthetic style has made Lotus one of the most inspirational British brands, and among the very strongest in the automotive industry. It stands for passion, individuality, and gritty determination.

Our fully trained Lotus sales team and service technicians at Lotus Hedge End are on hand to advise you on all Lotus models, from signature Lotus cars such as the Lotus Elise to the stunning new Lotus Exige-S. As well as our range of new Lotuses, you can also view our range of approved used Lotuses.

To arrange a test drive or to find out more about our range of Lotus cars please visit the Lotus Hedge End showroom.

In addition to Lotus Hedge End, Snows Group has recently opened an authorised Lotus Service Centre, situated in Plymouth.