Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora

New Lotus Evora Range at Snows in Hedge End.


Now available at Lotus Hedge End is the exciting Lotus Evora. Developed from the pedigree racing car, the Evora GTE road car encapsulates the core values of Lotus' performance and technical expertise.

Gracefully designed, the Evora is seriously low, with a long, streamlined silhouette, deliberate rear overhang and shapely sides. Lotus engineers have married a 276bhp, 3.5-litre DOHC V6 VVT-i engine with a state-of-the-art aluminium bonded chassis to provide the perfect blend of power and balanced handling. The Evora gives a seriously attractive ride that is guaranteed to turn heads.


The impressive design capabilities of Lotus are continued on the inside of the Evora, which features an exceptionally well-styled and comfortable cockpit. High-quality materials grace the seating and cabin surfaces, including supple leather which combines brilliantly with the machined aluminium. The leather is hand-trimmed and twin-stitched in red, demonstrating the effort and craftsmanship that goes into each unique Evora.

A Lotus command centre with auxiliary trip computer and an immobiliser with remote activated alarm are fitted as standard. The advanced touch-screen multimedia system has iPod and MP3 connectivity as well as a reversing camera for parking precision. There is the available option to have a 2+2 rear seat with ISOFIX mountings for rear child seats - meaning you don't have to abandon your dream car because you have a family.


The Evora has an impressive grip of the road and is highly capable of turning quick corners due to its highly-tuned suspension. The clever suspension also means the Evora is able to take on rougher road surfaces and bumps in the road as the suspension is so compliant. Incorporated is its Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) allowing fantastic traction and stability management. The chassis of the Evora is particularly noteworthy, having been designed in such a way that allows sections to be removed and replaced easily, reducing maintenance costs yet still allowing for a smooth responsive ride.


The quick, nimble and powerful Evora features a 3.5-litre DOHC V6 VVTi engine, providing an excellent boost from 0-60mph is less than five seconds. Its maximum speed reaches 163mph, leaving its competitors in the dust.

Performance / Emissions

Evora Evora S
Max Power 276 hp at 6400 rpm [280 PS] [206 kW] 276 hp at 6400 rpm [280 PS] [206 kW] 345 hp at 7000 rpm [350 PS] [258 kW] 345 hp at 7000 rpm [350 PS] [258 kW]
Max Torque 258 lbft at 4600 rpm [350 Nm] 258 lbft at 4600 rpm [350 Nm] 295 lbft at 4500 rpm [400 Nm] 295 lbft at 4500 rpm [400 Nm]
0-60 mph (seconds) 4.8 5.0 4.4 4.5
0-100 km/h (seconds) 5.0 5.2 4.6 4.7
Max Speed (mph [km/h]) 163 [262] 159 [256] 178 [286] 167 [269]
Power to Weight Ratio:
Hp per Tonne
PS per 1000g

Fuel Consumption [MPG [L/100KM]]

Urban 21.5 [13.2] 21.2 [13.3] 19.9 [14.2] 19.6 [14.4]
Extra Urban 39.6 [7.1] 42.8 [6.6] 37.7 [7.5] 40.8 [6.9]
Combined 30.3 [9.3] 31.4 [9.0] 28.7 [9.9] 29.3 [9.7]
CO2 Emissions [g/km] 217 210 229 224

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To enjoy this British-built, highly-crafted super machine, contact Snows Lotus for more information and to arrange a test drive.

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