New Alfa Romeo Stelvio from £34,035

New Alfa Romeo Stelvio from £34,035

New Alfa Romeo Stelvio

From £34,035

Alfa Romeo’s entry into the SUV world was a brave one, and it wholeheartedly succeeds. This powerful car blends style with practicality and sportiness to make SUV driving speed and agility focused.

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It only takes one look at the Stelvio to recognise it as a masterpiece. The body is bold with its mighty stature and it looks to sit relatively close to the ground for an SUV, giving it sporty appeal. Deep contours mark the sides, bonnet and rear with a beautifully chiselled effect, signalling at its luxurious nature. Look to the nose and you’ll notice that it’s inspired by the top-of-the-range Giulia. Cast your eye to the rear and you’ll notice twin tailpipes and a diffuser for sporty panache.


As the driver, you are the one in command when you sit behind the wheel of the Stelvio. A high seating position gives you the far-reaching view ahead you need to feel confident as the driver. Your position is complemented by a wide central console that stretches back to the rear seats creating a feeling of space at the front. Handy controls are placed here, so you can sit back and relax without having to strain to adjust the infotainment or the performance. Practicalities play out in terms of space, with plenty of room in the front and rear seats for passengers to genuinely enjoy the journey. In addition, there’s a cavernous 525-litre boot to hold any gear you wish to take away, and the rear seats fold down in a 40/20/40 split, giving you more stowage opportunities.


With its low centre of gravity, the Stelvio delivers a truly dynamic performance. You might enjoy a high seating position, but you’ll also feel connected to the road. Sharp steering and all-wheel drive combine to give you excellent control of the SUV. Most of the time, power is delivered to the rear wheels giving it a sporty performance along straightforward roads. Alfa Romeo’s DNA driving modes are included, so you can decide how athletic or economic you want each drive to be. Switch between Dynamic, Natural and Advanced Efficiency even during your drive if you want to alter the performance.


A luxurious SUV, you can expect the Stelvio to come with a suite of hi-tech gadgets that are designed to enhance your drive. Features such as a large screen in the dashboard, climate control and parking sensors will help you relax while you drive safely.

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