Fiat cars for business in Southampton & on the Isle of Wight

Businesses and company car drivers in Sarisbury Green, Southampton and on the Isle of Wight have been turning to Snows for many years whenever they need a new vehicle to support their work.

Now drivers have the option to choose a Fiat vehicle for their work journeys, with a huge range of models to suit every environment.

Our fleet experts can talk you through all of the options, starting with the cost implications. Benefit in Kind rates and road tax bills are closely linked to engine emissions, so choosing Fiat - renowned for its efficient small-capacity engines - makes great business sense. The models’ frugal nature will keep fuel bills low, and leave more on your balance sheet.

We can also explain servicing and maintenance packages that can be incorporated into your monthly payments, regulating your cashflow and making things more predictable.

For more information about what we could do for your business, contact one of our Snows Fiat dealerships today and arrange a chat with one of our specialists.