Jeep Renegade Motability Offers


Jeep Renegade Motability Offers


The superb Jeep Renegade is the perfect companion on any journey; whether its hitting the city streets or venturing off-road, the Renegade has the ability to take on the challenge. This is the ideal Jeep model for Motability users, with so many flexible, versatile and adjustable features provided to make sure that you drive in absolute comfort.

Our Snows Jeep Motability Specialists pride themselves on making sure your Motability journey is hassle free and enjoyable by devoting their expert knowledge and guidance throughout your entire Jeep experience.

Renegade 1.6 E-TorQ EVO Sport £0
Renegade 1.4 MultiAir II 140 Sport DDCT (auto)£995
Renegade 1.6 MultiJet II 120 Sport£1,595
Renegade 1.6 MultiJet II 120 Sport DDCT (auto)£1,795
Renegade 1.6 E-TorQ EVO Longitude£95
Renegade 1.4 MultiAir II 140 Longitude£195
Renegade 1.4 MultiAir II 140 Longitude DDCT (auto)£395
Renegade 1.6 MultJet II 120 Longitude£295
Renegade 1.6 MultiJet II 120 Longitude DDCT (auto)£1,995
Renegade 1.4 MultiAir II 140 Limited£995
Renegade 1.4 MultiAir II 140 Limited DDCT (auto)£1,995
Renegade 1.4 Mulitair II 170 Limited 4WD (auto)£1,995
R​enegade 1.6 Multjet II 120 Limited​£995
​Renegade 1.6 MultiJet II 120 Limited DDCT (auto)​£2,795
​Renegade 2.0 MultiJet II 140 Limited 4WD​£1,995
​Renegade 2.0 MulitJet II 140 Limited 4WD (auto)​£2,995
​Renegade 2.0 MultiJet II 170 Trailhawk 4WD (auto)​£2,995
​Renegade 1.6 E-TorQ EVO Sport£0​
​Renegade 1.6 E-TorQ EVO Longitude£95​
​Renegade 1.4 MultiAir II 140 Longitude£195​
​Renegade 1.4 MultiAir II 140 Longitude DDCT (auto)​£395
​Renegade 1.6 MultJet II 120 Longitude​£295
​Renegade 1.6 MultiJet II 120 Longitude DDCT (auto)£1,995​
​Renegade 2.0 Multijet II 140 Longitude 4WD​£1,795
​Renegade 1.4 MultiAir II 140 Limited£995​
​Renegade 1.6 Multjet II 120 Limited£995​
​Renegade 2.0 MultiJet II 170 Trailhawk 4WD (auto)£2,995​

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