Mud Guards

Bumper Protector

Integrated Side Steps with LED lighting

​Helps to protect your new Sportage's under body, sills and doors from excessive dirt, slush or mud spray.

Front: F1460ADUX00​ Rear: F1460ADUX01


Protect your rear bumper against scuffs and scratches with this Stainless Steel boot guard.

Ref: F1274ADE00ST


Set of two functional side steps with build-in LED lights, created to fit your Sportage perfectly.

Ref: F1370ADE10



Bumper Flap

Rear Load Liner

Pet Guard/Cargo Separator​

Protect your rear bumper from damage while loading and unloading your Kia Sportage. Attaches quickly and easily.

Ref: 66120ADE00


Light, water-proof and durable trunk liner. Custom made for the vehicle and branded with the Sportage logo.

Ref: F1122ADE00


Fits perfectly between the rear seat backs and roof and is also compatible with the trunk cover, mat and liners.

Ref: F1150ADE00


Contact your nearest Snows Kia dealership and quote the reference number for your preferred product and we'll be able to order and fit it for you!

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