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Lexus Demonstrator Clearance in Exeter, Hedge End & Plymouth

We have demonstrator models at greatly reduced prices. See how much you could save with our nearly new demonstrator clearance! From CT to the RX, there are massive savings across the range whilst stocks last! So don't delay call us today to book a test drive!

IS300h Advance WA17VBL £34,885 £25,399 £9,486 Exeter
IS300h Executive WG17DKV £31,505 £25,399 £6,106 Exeter
IS300h Sport WA67 VUJ £33,735 £29,999 £3,736 Exeter
IS300h Executive WA67 VWE £33,235 £29,999 £3,236 Exeter
RC300h F-Sport Premium Navigation WD17 UVV £42,715 £35,399 £7,316 Exeter
RC300h F-Sport Premium Navigation WF67 CJV £42,715 £37,499 £5,216 Exeter
CT200h Advance WA67 VTU £26,565 £23,999 £2,566 Exeter
CT200h Advance WD17 LZB £25,955 £19,999 £5,956 Exeter
CT200h Sport Plus Pack, Protection Pack WD17 EBK £27,205 £22,999 £4,206 Exeter
CT200h Sport Plus Pack, Protection Pack WG17 DLF £27,205 £21,499 £5,706 Exeter
CT200h Advance WG17DLE £25,955 £19,599 £6,356 Exeter
CT200h Executive Edition WA67 VWF £24,965 £20,299 £4,666 Exeter
CT200h F-Sport WA67 VWH £28,640 £23,399 £5,241 Exeter
CT200h Advance WJ67 VJN £25,605 £20,899 £4,706 Exeter
NX300h Luxury WF67 CKA £38,235 £34,299 £3,936 Exeter
NX300h Sport WA67 VUH £35,735 £31,499 £4,236 Exeter
NX300h Luxury WF67 VVT £38,730 £31,999 £6,731 Exeter
GS300h Executive WA67 VTV £36,985 £32,999 £3,986 Exeter

IS300h F-Sport Premier PackHT66 KUS£42,195£29,800£12,395Hedge End
IS300h F-Sport Premium Navigation , Leather & Protection PackHY17 SOH£40,550£29,450£11,100Hedge End
NX300h Premier Sunroof5NOW£46,040£37,750£8,290Hedge End
RX450h Premier Panoramic RoofHT17 SVP£60,290£49,950£10,340Hedge End
GS300h Executive Protection PackHT17ORF£36,985£26,950£10,035Hedge End
CT200h Sport Plus PackHT17DFO£26,855£21,950£4,905Hedge End
CT200h SportHT17 TZG£24,355£18,950£5,405Hedge End
CT200h AdvanceHS17 LCA£25,605£19,950£5,655Hedge End
IS300h SportHS17 GGF£32,325£27,750£4,575Hedge End
NX300h Luxury Convenience PackHS17 LCC£37,285£31,950£5,335Hedge End
CT200h Sport Plus PackHS17 LSO£26,855£20,950£5,905Hedge End
NX300h Premier Panoramic RoofHY67 TXL£46,040£40,750£5,290Hedge End
NX300h F-Sport Premium Nav Panoramic RoofHY67 YGA£42,035£37,450£4,585Hedge End
RC300h F-Sport Premium Navigation, Mark Levinson, SunroofHY67 XCJ£43,640£39,950£3,690Hedge End
NX300h Luxury Satellite Navigation & Convenience PackHY67 TXK£37,635£32,950£4,685Hedge End
NX300h Luxury Satellite Navigation HY67 OZA£37,785£33,750£4,035Hedge End
RC300h F-Sport Premium NavigationHV67 HUH£42,265£37,950£4,315Hedge End
NX300h SportHX67 WXH£34,790£29,950£4,840Hedge End
GS300h Executive Protection PackHY67 NZP£36,985£31,950£5,035Hedge End
NX300h Luxury Satellite Navigation, Panoramic Roof, Convenience PackHV67 CKO£39,280£34,950£4,330Hedge End
IS300h F-Sport Premium Navigation , Leather & Protection PackHS17 EHD£40,230£35,950£4,280Hedge End
IS300h AdvanceHS17 GGE£34,435£30,750£3,685Hedge End
NX300h PremierHV67 HUA£45,040£39,950£5,090Hedge End
NX300h LuxuryHV67 FSO£37,140£33,450£36,950Hedge End
RX450h F-Sport, Panoramic Roof, Head-Up Display, Mark LevinsonHV67 RZA£58,080£51,450£6,630Hedge End
RX450h Luxury Panoramic RoofHV67 HUJ£53,585£47,950£5,635Hedge End
CT200h Sport Plus PackHV67 PZY£26,855£21,750£5,105Hedge End
CT200h ExecutiveHV67 RZC£24,965£19,750£5,215Hedge End
CT200h Luxury MY18HV67 RZB£26,955£24,500£2,455Hedge End
CT200h F Sport Leather, Premium Navigation WG17CTY £30,765 £21,995 £8,770 Plymouth
IS300h Premier WG17CTZ £40,485 £29,495 £10,990 Plymouth
RC300h F Sport Premium Navigation WF17OJH £42,715 £32,995 £9,720 Plymouth
CT 200h Premier WD17MWL £30,615 £24,495 £6,120 Plymouth
CT200h Advance WF67FKJ £26,825.00 £22,469.00 £4,356.00 Plymouth
CT200h Sport WJ67VFE £24,965.00 £20,795.00 £4,170.00 Plymouth

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Private number plates aren't included in the purchase of an Ex-Demonstrator car.