Lotus Elise Sport 220

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Lotus Elise Sport 220

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New Lotus Elise Sport 220

Welcome to the world of the Lotus Elise Sport 220

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A rigid, lightweight chassis construction prevents the Elise Sport 220 from being weighed down by its many features. Precise balancing of the car's overall weight drastically enhances the performance level. This includes the mid-car positioning of the engine. The Lotus generates a stunning 217bhp - and it weighs in at only 845kg in total. This results in a top of the class power to weight ratio of 257 hp/ tonne to make the performance and ability of this car something to truly be admired. Latest changes made to the body include a redesigned lightweight front panel with a lower weight mesh pattern grille, to provide a powerful aspect to the Elise. Introducing an advanced and clever development that lowers the weight even further which involves the reversing and fog lights being mounted inboard. This reduces the weight by 0.3kg and visually enhances the rear design to appear wider. All of the light weight components are fitted with expertise and purpose to enhance the performance and overall thrilling experience of the Elise Sport 220.


The engine at the heart of the Elise Sport 220 is a 217bhp, supercharged 1.8-litre powerhouse. It soars from 0-60mph in little more than four seconds. Pick and choose from the tailored driving modes and a six speed manual gearbox with sports ratios to get the optimum performance that you require. Impressively, the combined fuel economy is given as 37.7mpg (7.5l/100km) and CO2 emissions are only 173g/km. An increase in torque over the Elise Sport is instantly noticeable, pushing the peak level to 250Nm. The torsional rigidity of the body should also give you confidence, particularly at motorway speeds when the car's potential is more evident. Should the drive get particularly intense, the electronic differential lock activates to maintain stability and grip. Hethel's acoustic engineers have spent time altering the aural appeal of the Elise Sport 220 by providing the perfect soundtrack at any speed, it's new exhaust makes it the best sounding 4-cylinder car on the market.


Lotus enthusiasts will find the dynamics of the Sport 220 similar to the performance-focused R version of the Elise. Painstaking work has gone into the aero-optimised body shape – one as elegant and stylish as it is streamlined. The prominent rear spoiler and open back window shape direct air to minimise wind resistance. Extensive modifications to both the front and back have allowed careful balancing of aerodynamic downforce across the whole car. Extended rubber elements mounted on the flat underside and ahead of the front wheel, together with an additional diffuser vane at the rear, help to modify airflow under the car reducing drag and increasing stability.


The interior cabin of the Lotus Elise Sport 220 has received a wide range of enhancements that continue to keep the Elise ahead of its rival. With a new front and rear aesthetic, the cabin benefits from a lightweight open-gate gear select mechanism providing a much more direct and positive operation to give precise and quick shifting.The instrument panel has also recieved some adjustments with new graphics to increase clarity and a new in-car entertainment system, including iPod® connectivity and Bluetooth® functionality. This car really does have the full package, providing everything you need for the full Lotus experience.








Elise Sport 220 Manual
Max Power217 hp at 6800 rpm (220 PS) (162 kW)
Max Torque184 lbft at 4600 rpm (250 Nm)
0-60 mph4.2 seconds
0-100 km/h4.6 seconds
Max Speed145 mph (233 km/h)
Power to weight ratio257 hp/tonne
Lowest possible dry weight845 kg
Dry weight877 kg
Kerb weight904 kg

Emission and Fuel Consumption (l/000 km)​

​Elise Sport 220 Manual
Urban​27.4 (10.3)
​Extra Urban​47.9 (5.9)
​Combined​37.7 (7.5)
CO2 emissions, Combined​173 g/km


  • ​​Fuel-injected and supercharged
  • 1.8-litre engine develops 217bhp (220PS)
  • Delivers punchy 184lbs ft (250Nm) of torque
  • Mid-engine provides balance
  • Light and agile
  • Lotus-developed Electronic Throttle Control
  • Locking differential
  • Exhilarating acceleration


  • Bold and confident appearance
  • Head turning presence
  • New front and rear aesthetic
  • New interior and exterior carbon fiber options
  • New exterior and interior Pack options (Alcantara, Leather, Black, Interiour Colour)
  • Steering wheel trimmed in black leather


  • 6 speed manual gearbox with sport ratios
  • Exposed aluminium gearshift mechanism
  • Close ratios
  • Precise changes
  • Balanced clutch weight
  • Engine start push button

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