New Lotus Elise Sprint 220

New Lotus Elise Sprint 220

Lotus Elise Sprint 220

A car that proudly wears the Sprint badge - the Lotus Elise Sprint 220 is full of surprises and exhibits a bold and fierce performance.

The Lotus Sprint

Keeping to the spirit of the Elise and it's well known Lotus DNA, the Elise Sprint 220 is designed to provide a highly attractive and super light-weight driving experience. Unique to the brand and a joy for the driver, this sports car offers the latest in efficient engineering and bold design that is sure to stand out in any environment. This Elise oozes class and quality car craftsmanship, proudly presenting the Sprint badge. It truly sets the standard in performance, and at just under an incredible 800kg featuring a host of weight saving items as standard. You can't help but admire the genius behind the Lotus Elise Sprint 220.


A performance to make you fall in love with driving again, offering an admirable 217hp/ 250 Nm​ of torque from it's 1.8-litre supercharged engine. Because of the smart weight saving components, the Elise Sprint 220 has been specifically tuned to deliver a benchmark power-to-weight ratio of up to 257 hp/ tonne. A quality sports car that provides class leading efficiency - the reduction in weight translates into quicker acceleration, with the ability to reach 0-60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. A fierce driving attitude with a top of the range stopping power that is provided by AP racing twin-piston front calipers and Brembo single piston-rear calipers. You can really enjoy the thrill of the best sounding 4-cylinder car on the market and the perfect soundtrack it provides at any speed.

Super Lightweight​

What makes an Elise Sprint 220 top of the class in efficiency, speed and overall performance is the advanced Lotus engineering - producing impressive aerodynamics and 40kg less weight from the previous model.The standard lightweight components of the Elise Sprint 220 include a Lithium-ion battery, newly forged alloy wheels, carbon access panel, carbon race seats and lots more surprising features, all resulting in a noticeable 26kg weight loss. These developments are made with precision and purpose to create the ground breaking driving ability of the Elise Sprint 220, keeping it top of the range and true to the Sprint spirit. 


With a distinctive new styling, the Elise Sprint 220 screams speed and attitude with its sporty and head-turning appearance. A new front and rear aesthetic has been applied to make the latest model stand out even further with exclusive new details on offer to make that attractive difference. External design touches for the Sprint range include a matt black transom panel, black wheels which come with sleek custom contrasting metal spun rims, subtle side stripes and unique side and rear badging. The Sprint 220 has also received a wide range of cabin enhancements to intrigue you, as well as other interior highlights such as keyed colour inserts for the sports seats, a transmission console, HVAC surround, and optional Alcantara® trim panels with contrasting stitching. Together, these refined touches and artistic details create a highly captivating and show-stopping vehicle that you can be proud to own.

mph Seconds bhp kg


​Elise Sprint 220 Manual
​Max Power​217 hp at 6800 rpm (220PS) (162 kW)
​Max Torque​184 lbft at 4,600 rpm (250 Nm)
​0-60 mph​4.1 seconds
​0-100 km/h​4.5 seconds
​Max speed​145 mph (233 km/h)
​Power to weight ratio​257 hp/tonne (XXX PS/1000kg)
​Lowest possible dry weight​845 kg
​Dry weight​851 kg
​Kerb weight​878 kg

Emission and Fuel Consumption mpg (l/000 k*)

Elise Sprint 220 Manual
Urban27.4 (10.3)
Extra Urban47.9 (5.9)
Combined37.7 (7.5)
CO2 emissions, Combined173 g/km


  • Fuel-injected and supercharged
  • 1.8-litre engine develops 217 bhp (220PS)
  • Delivers punchy 184lbs ft (250Nm) of torque
  • Mid-engine provides balance
  • Light and agile
  • Lotus-developed Electronic Throttle Control
  • Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)
  • Exhilarating acceleration


  • 6 speed manual gearbox with sport ratios
  • Exposed aluminium gearshift mechanism
  • Close ratios
  • Precise changes
  • Balanced clutch weight
  • Engine start push button


  • Sporty appearance
  • Bold, head-turning appearance
  • Exterior and interior carbon fiber components as standard
  • New exterior and interior Pack options (Alcantara, Leather, Interiour Colour)
  • Steering wheel trimmed in black leather

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