Snows Suzuki's Servicing Promise

At Snows Suzuki, our customers are our main priority. To make sure that you, the customer, are getting the best service possible, we have 9 commandments which all Dealerships have to follow.


Customers will always get an alternative mode of transport provided to them.​

All pricing will be clear and easy to understand.​

All work will be arranged beforehand to make sure there isn't any surprises on the bill.​

All of our Snows Suzuki mechanics are highly skilled and trained by Suzuki themselves.​


Updates will be provided throughout the day to let you know what is happening with your car.​

Snows Suzuki will only use genuine Suzuki parts.

We will make sure that your car is clean and tidy ready for you to pick up when the work is finished.​

When you visit Snows Suzuki, your car will get a health check to make sure everything is running as it should be.​


Snows Suzuki will provide Accident Aftercare.