MINI Convertible

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Technology The chic image presented by the MINI Convertible is only emphasised by the electrically-operated soft-top roof, whose mechanism operates in under twenty seconds. The new model now comes with a roof which can be extended by 40cm to create a sunroof, so whether you want an exhilarating fresh-air drive; a sunroof for those mild days; or a warm and comfortable cabin, the new MINI Convertible can provide it all. With optional MINI Connected, you can link up to social feeds, online music, and driving information. You could even control your GoPro from the Centre Instrument! MINI Connected XL Journey Mate means you’ll always be ready to go. Journey Mate allows you to plan your journeys with a travel guide, calendar, traffic and weather updates, and parking information. A smart Rain Warner app even warns you of any impending precipitation so that you’re able to close the roof in time. From your body-hugging sports seat in the driver’s position, you’ll be able to control your new MINI Convertible’s whole world.
Safety Torsional rigidity ensures that the new MINI Convertible is structurally sound, without streamlined shape or agility being compromised. The latest generation MINI Convertible model comes with an Invisible Rollover System at the rear seatbelt outlets, which opens within a fraction of a second in an emergency to aid the protection of passengers. In addition, optional Driving Assistant includes a Forward Collision Warning System. This intelligent feature will warn you if the speed difference between your new MINI Convertible and the vehicle in front is too high, or if the car in front is getting too close, in order to help reduce the likelihood of collisions. It also pre-conditions the brakes for faster response and shorter stopping distances if the need should arise. This range of safety features works towards creating accident-free roads for all.